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My name is Chrisoula. I was born and raised in the historical area of Delphi where there used to be a lot of Jewellery companies. I started at the age of 16, 38 years of experience that made me day by day to love more and more to love what I was doing and try harder and harder to satisfy my need for more perfection.


My adoration for perfection, harmony and nice, handmade creations lead me all of these years. Most of my jewels are inspired from the myths and the history of my country and are timeless, because I believe art is timeless. They are one hundred per cent engraved by hand because I believe real art is timeless. By using the same traditional technique I create art pieces equal to many great companies.
Made from precious metals or stones, each one of the pieces carries the passion of perfection and the attempt to have a timeless design. My stones are very carefully selected in my journeys. I am continually looking for the best quality in the best possible price. 

I hope wearing them will give you the same pleasure as they gave me when I was creating them.

Chrysoula Kolompourou

Selected jewellery, in gold, silver and semi-precious stones. In our new e-shop you can make a secure online purchase easily and quickly. Buy handmade jewellery for unique looks.
  • 6 Apollon's street, 33054 Delphi
  • + 30 2265 082 266
  • +30 6981 462 254
  • sales@greekjewellery.com.gr
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